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Agility, PIHO Strategic Plan

The director of planning of the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO), Tahereh Jafari, has said that agility was a strategic plan pursued by the organization.
“Upgrading and changing management, downsizing the administration and agility at PIHO have long been on the agenda. That has been taken into further consideration with the new CEO,” she said.
“In order to gauge the level of success, the benchmark method has been used. That means appointing persons with new roles,” she added.
Jafari said the CEO was paying special attention to PIHO’s performance and was seeking enhanced efficiency and applying collective wisdom in order to develop a suitable approach in offering services particularly in operating zones.
“Given its activity in the healthcare sector and being the health administrator in the petroleum industry, PIHO has been seeking to offer high-quality services,” she said.
“The main role of the organization is to enhance the efficiency and quality of health at associated hospitals and healthcare centers and we mainly focus on health-based and preventive sectors,” said Jafari.
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