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PIHO Monitors Oil Industry Staff's Health

Iran's Ministry of Health has given green light for the establishment of occupational medicine clinics in the areas run by the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO) for pre-recruitment and post-recruitment medical exams.

Payman Farid-Nia, head of HSE and occupational health in the PIHO, underscored efforts by the PIHO chief for getting permit for periodic medical checkups of staff, saying: "Given the population composition of the staff in industrial and operating areas, two groups, one of whom affiliated with Ministry of Labor, are involved in the petroleum industry. In order to guarantee their health, regular checkups and occupation medicine will be arranged in specialized clinics."
He reiterated that the PIHO approach was to work for prevention and said: "Occupational medicine is very important for protecting the health of petroleum industry staff who are on the frontline of the country's economic front."
Farid-Nia highlighted the importance of manpower and the physical and mental health of oil service workers regarding the realization of objectives of companies and organizations, both public and private. Noting that this issue was instrumental in the performance of organizations, he said: "Following up on the healthcare plans of staff is a major priority of the HSE unit. In this regard, safeguarding the physical and mental health of the staff and boosting their motivations as the most valuable assets of the company are among the HSE objectives."
He referred to the activity of 100 occupational medicine centers across the PIHO-run areas, saying: "Throughout periodic exams which are conducted regularly on the staff, such services as physical exams, spirometry, audiometry, medical tests and dentistry are provided."
Farid-Nia said that the high quality of periodic exams in proportion with jobs and workplaces were among the most important reasons for getting permission for occupational medicine clinics and coverage of petroleum industry manpower.

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PIHO to Start Checking Staff on May 22

Rahim Masoumi, director of the PIHO offices in Markazi and Lorestan provinces, said that medical checkup of the PIHO staff in the two provinces would start on May 22.
He said that it the Markazi and Lorestan office was the first occupational medicine center complying with the standards of Ministry of Health.
Masoumi added that some 10,000 staffers would undergo medical checkup in cooperation with oil companies. He said they included 4,500 officially employed personnel with the rest working under contract but enjoying social security insurance.
"Given the existing potentialities and under the aegis of efforts by the PIHO specialists in Markazi and Lorestan provinces, the Ministry of Health issued license for the establishment of occupational medicine centers," he added.

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