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DPH Helps Contain Diseases

Dental public health (DPH) has been implemented in the centers run by the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO) for a year now in a bid to reduce relevant diseases through preventive measures, the PIHO chief dentist has said.
Amir-Houshang Daqayeqi referred to the positive effects of this plan in different areas run by the PIHO, saying: "The dental public health plan started last year with the objective of prevention and healthcare."
"In previous years, dental health examinations were carried out on children, pregnant women and employees. Under this plan, the entire population is covered," he said. 
Daqayeqi said that this plan would be carried out through occupation medicine and family doctor during different time intervals. "In addition to necessary exams, training and preventive dental actions like scaling, tooth brushing, fluoride therapy and fissure sealants will be carried out and recorded in the files of employees," he said, adding that the medical needs of patients would be followed up on.
He said that the DPH plan started in Tehran in September 2015 and several months later in the cities of Arak, Karaj and Ahvaz. He added that the entire country underwent the plan in March 2016.
Up to January 2017, Kharg had the highest coverage (77%), followed by Gachsaran (54%), Mashhad (53%), Arak (52%) and Lorestan (52%).
"Currently, the dentistry section of PIHO has 105 centers across the country with 300 units. It is currently providing more than 1 million services valued at more than IRR 720 billion in government rates," said Daqayeqi.
"Throughout DPH plan, the dental chart and periodontal condition of each person are determined and recorded. Then, the patient's treatment needs and necessary interventional measures are planned to prevent the spread of diseases. Later on, the population under coverage is trained about necessary care," he added.
Daqayeqi said: "The objective behind the implementation of PDH plan is to prevent and reduce various dental diseases. According to statistical data gathered in the population, training, examinations, fluoride therapy, fissure sealant, scaling and tooth brushing have cut dental diseases by 50%." 
"We expect the families of population under coverage to take part in the project after appeal by family doctors because the employees are examined periodically by occupational medicine. We believe that correct prevention and necessary examinations as well as healthcare interventional measures will help guarantee health and reduce diseases among staff and their families," said Daqayeqi.
"A successful implementation of this plan would help reduce diseases and improve health and also slash treatment costs," he said. "Given the impact of dental diseases on systemic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, chronic pulmonary diseases and fetal growth restrictions, preventing dental diseases could largely help prevent common dental diseases."
"Therefore, a successful implementation of this plan could help prepare the ground for dealing with more problems and subsequently help reduce material and mental costs," said Daqayeqi.
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