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Autumn, a Worrying Season

The deputy head of the Bushehr and Kharg branch of the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO), Mehdi Nasrabadi, has said the arrival of autumn would cause worries over the covid-19 pandemic.
“For three days in a row, no covid+ patient has been hospitalized at Toheed Hospital and we worry that the situation may be fictively viewed as normal,” he said. 
He added that a total of 141,124 persons had referred to the PIHO hospital in Bushehr, noting that 7,889 had signs similar to flu and 2,392 were suspected of having contracted covid-19.
“Of all those who referred to the PIHO hospital in Bushehr and Kharg, 530 tested positive definitely,” said Nasrabadi.
“The PIHO Bushehr Province branch covers 15,000 employees. So far 317 service workers from the provincial refineries and gas company have tested positive,” he added.
Regarding beds for the coronavirus patients, he said: “When the coronavirus broke out last February, we had 14 beds for covid patients. Now we have another 23 beds at Toheed Hospital and 10 more in Kharg. Totally, we have 47 beds for gravely ill covid+ patients.”
He said as no recent hospitalization for covid-19 had been reported was indicative of high culture. However, he noted that nobody should underestimate the virus while serious warnings have been issued for autumn. 
“Based on industrial medicine surveys and the health conditions of petroleum industry staff in Bushehr Province, PIHO would need at least 3,600 doses of flu vaccine. Given the professional conditions and regional circumstances, the figure is likely to go up,” said Nasrabadi.
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