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Ahvaz PIHO Ready to Tackle Autumn Covid-19

The Ahvaz branch of the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO) is fully ready to deal with any possible crisis from the coronavirus.
Ever since Khuzestan Province was declared safe, PIHO staff have been active across the province to serve the population. Examining the weak and strong points in the coronavirus over the past six months has been put on the agenda. Projections have been made about how to deal with a possible crisis in autumn and supply of equipment and facilities is under way.
At the PIHO hospital in Ahvaz, regular services have been provided to the patients while planning has been under way to compensate for shortages and reconsider working processes.
The nursing services management has examined shortcomings and challenges and made efforts to remove them in collaboration with the Office of Vice-Chancellor of Jondi Shapour University of Medical Sciences for Treatment. Well thought out training courses have been held for nurses in order to upgrade standard services in the covid section ad specifically increase the knowhow and skills of nurses.
The specialized scientific committees have been holding sessions at the PIHO hospital in order to exchange scientific data and review the latest protocols and scientific articles.  
Meantime, some necessary equipment including six new ventilators, PCR lab equipment, emergency respiratory equipment, ICU equipment, portable dialysis (for covid+ patients), six new hemodialysis devices, echocardiography, portable radiology and sonography apparatuses as well as densitometer and a magnet for physiotherapy have been purchased.
In the emergency respiratory ward, an isolated room covering 100 square meters has been created for the staff and patients.
Furthermore, in a bid to prevent a reduction in the oxygen pressure in the hospitalization ward, a 10,000-cubic meter oxygen tank has been installed. The PIHO Ahvaz hospital will have no problem with oxygenation in the future owing to its two oxygenators.
Furthermore, developing the special sections and upgrading standards for hospital beds is under review.
As clinics have reopened in recent months, the patients have been admitted in full compliance with health protocols. The time for receiving patients has been set so as to avert any crowding. The patients are given turns on a daily basis.
The PCR lab of the Ahvaz PIHO hospital started out in August. It has done all PCR tests for outpatient and inpatient cases and the results of tests have been announced to patients during the day.
Furthermore, at family health centers, all health protocols are respected for the patients’ triage. The screening of patients with chronic diseases has begun and those who suffer from uncontrolled chronic diseases including diabetes and blood pressure have been called in to avoid any further delay. 
The revision of health protocols and processes is under way and rapid health teams are continuing their activity. Supervision on the full implementation of health protocols is also under way.
In industrial medicine, in addition to examinations for the return of employees, specific industrial exams are under way.
In pharmaceutical services, predictions have been made about possible needs for drugs, disinfectants and PPE in coming months. In case any covid peak occurs, some needs have already been supplied.
In the dental services, root canal is being done at four clinics from Saturday to Wednesday in the afternoon.
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