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PIHO Tehran Hospital Fighting Covid-19

The head of the Tehran branch of the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO), Ali Behzadi, has described the coronavirus as a tough test, saying the PIHO Tehran branch has been faring well.
He said that the PIHO Tehran branch was recognized as exemplary in some preventive measures. He added that 90 persons among the PIHO Tehran staff had been infected with covid-19.
“About 760 patients were hospitalized in the covid ward of the PIHO Tehran hospital. This figure was cut to 65. Home isolation, monitoring, treatment, medical team action and similar measures won satisfaction on the part of the petroleum industry staff and their families,” said Behzadi.
He said the social value and activity of doctors came further to the light as the covid pandemic broke out. 
“The doctors definitely need further support. However, it has to be noted that despite problems and low income, the doctors have been practicing in compliance with tough standards,” said Behzadi.
He gave a positive assessment of the contractor-based work of general practitioners, pharmacists and dentists, adding it would be instrumental in the activity of doctors who used to work per case.
“Based on projections, the coronavirus will give rise to tougher conditions in following peaks and it would take at least two years to control this disease. Therefore, one cannot remain indifferent to non-covid disease treatments,” he said. “Any disregard of treatments offered to patients and the halt in medical measures would add to the problems of these patients. On the other hand, when people with underlying diseases are infected, the mortality rate goes up.”
Behzadi said dentists have to return to pre-covid conditions and offer the same services. He added that they should receive patients until 6 pm.
A group of doctors proposed plans for the covid period and underlined the need for organized care and hiring cohesive teams to follow up on the period examination of staff and conduct screening and medical care.
Furthermore, finding ways to increase the immunity of staff and client was focused upon and some proposals were offered in order to provide necessary instructions.
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