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PIHO Restructuring Tops HR Directorate Concerns

The significance and standing of the Directorate of Human Resources in the petroleum industry development plans underscores the necessity of drawing up related comprehensive plans. Today, implementing HR management procedures is of high importance in different organizations, not to mention the petroleum industry.
Amir Qaem-Panah, director of human resources at the Petroleum Industry Health Organization (PIHO), has explained about the HR Directorate's plans for the current calendar year.
"This Directorate is responsible for 9,513 persons including permanent employees, contractual employees and others at different levels of PIHO with regard to staff affairs, planning, welfare, social and education services," he said.
"HR has a variety of plans to allay concerns and overcome challenges. Some of these plans are promotion of employees, rewards and such allowances which exist in every other organization too," he said, adding: "But in a bid to provide favorable and optimal services this year with a view to allaying concerns of employees, this Directorate plans to hold the first specialized meeting of directors of human resources and deputy heads for logistics at PIHO-run areas in August. The event is to be hosted by the Bushehr branch of PIHO."
He said that specialized working groups will deal with promotions, salaries, wages and allowances, logistics services and contracts as well as welfare and social services.
"If there are problems that may be resolved in the general meeting they will be settled there, but if there are cases which need follow-up, our colleagues will make necessary arrangements," said Qaem-Panah.
"Another plan incorporated into HR agenda is to present a strategic plan in line with PIHO vision plan, which was approved by PIHO Board of Directors and subsequently communicated, in 2016," he said. "HR has not yet introduced any strategic document or vision plan, which we are currently in the process of drafting."
Qaem-Panah said: "In cooperation with our counterparts in different areas, we intend to develop a common literature specialized for human resources. Our strategic plan is being drawn up with a deadline set for August this year. Then it will be submitted to the Directorate of Planning." 
He added that the perspectives of each mission as well as objective and practical goals would be defined in light of commitment to the Directorate of Planning and the PIHO Board of Directors.
"Another plan with regard to HR management is to establish an integrated mechanized system. This project was first raised in April this year by the Directorate of Planning and we are currently presenting its draft proposal to the Supreme Council of Informatics," said Qaem-Panah. "The idea behind the establishment of an integrated system is to deal with the presence and absence of employees and reducing costs and streamlining bureaucracy."
He said the newly developed software was aimed at reducing costs while accelerating and shortening procedures.
"Payment of overtime to employees will be based on their records without having to record anything on the paper. That will be paperless. Assignments by the office and short leave of absence will be registered for all employees. Furlough sheets will become obsolete and each employee will be identified by a user name," he added.
Qaem-Panah insisted on the integrity of reports, particularly for contract jobs. "No documents will be produced for overtime and leave of absence. If monitoring bodies and Directorate of Finance demand any document it will be easy to print by access to electronic signature which has already been defined in the system."
This software is able to develop modules for the supply, cooking and distribution of food, and could be of great help to employers and contractors in their billing of food.
Qaem-Panah went on to highlight the need for organizational restructuring, saying: "In collaboration with the Department of Structural Engineering and Productivity, we have embarked on organizational restructuring with a focus on assignments. This project may apply to both contractual and temporary employees."
He said that effective measures had been taken in recent years in the HR Directorate. He added that one measure which has been followed upon by PIHO CEO was the planned purchase of an ambulance to deal with burning accidents and do resuscitation in the South Pars zone. He said the ambulance would soon be handed over to PIHO to be used in the Bushehr area.
Touching on the significance of this project, he said: "Taking care of the injured in the early hours of accident, including burning, is of high significance. The equipment available in this system can provide emergency services to the injured in the early hours."
Qaem-Panah touched on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's remarks in support of Made in Iran products, saying: "In line with this motto, the Directorates of Health and HR proceeded with a decision from PIHO Board of Directors for the purchase of 20 ambulances. God willing, they will try to use domestic manufacturing capacity for the purchase and equipment of ambulances to serve PIHO-run areas."
"The next project envisaged by the HR Directorate is the agility of PIHO and enhancing level of satisfaction with appointments. About 2,306 PIHO employees are enjoying administrative status equal to organizational status. If we can allay our colleagues' concerns with regard to their promotion, development, growth and progress and pave the way for their profession we will definitely witness positive ramifications in the provision of services and increased output," he said.
"It is in fact a supportive package," he added. "There are regulations for such services as payment of emergency loans, but this supportive package is meant for allaying concerns at the time of accident and disease."
"These packages are in fact supportive of manpower," said Qaem-Panah.
Referring to communications between employees and the HR Directorate, he added: "In the near future, in cooperation with the Public Relations Department through PIHO website, it is possible to answer all questions with regard to regulations or to bring about problems and concerns of employees. That would be all confidential and targeted audience will be informed of response to their questions."
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